How do the water pump and vacuum pump work?

Does the vacuum pump have different stages of suction pressure that it can create for each different seed, or is it just a simple on/off mechanism where the on means full high constant pressure and off means zero?

As for the water pump, does it also have different water pressures at which we can water plants or is it just a constant pressure when it is on and zero when off? If it is the former, is the amount of watering decided by the time?

I did not find any info on this on the website documentation, so I tried looking it up through the Farmduino firmware code. I did not have luck. Can someone please help me out in finding where exactly the code for water and vacuum pumps are in the code?


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Welcome @skandasprasad

The Farmbot device peripherals are all DC switched ON-OFF (except the latest Rotary Tool)

With Water control, they have developed a user-calibrated water flow setting for the API (but based on ON-OFF at the time point where the calibration was performed)

In the Farmduino firmware, it’s simply “controlling” (switching) a Peripheral GPIO connected to a low-resistance MOSFET.
In the FarmbotOS code just look for Pin Control (digital).

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