How fast is it?

I have now completed the Farmbot size to 1000 X 1500. But it seems a bit disappointing the speed is too slow. I do not know how long it will takes time to sow seed in the field. Please let me know if there was a way to speed up.

Hi @eachone,

You can change the maximum speed and the acceleration of the stepper motors by adjusting the settings on the “Hardware” widget on the Device page of the web application. You can adjust each axis independently by changing the “MAX SPEED (MM/S)” and “ACCELERATE FOR (STEPS)” parameters. Make sure to press “SAVE” each time you make changes. You will also want to make sure you have entered the correct “STEPS PER MM” values for each axis, which is dependent on the motors, leadscrew, pulleys, and belt you have used.

Keep in mind however that there are realistic limits to how fast your FarmBot can move given the size and strength of the motors and the size and weight of FarmBot. If you try to accelerate or move too fast, your motors will miss steps. The rotary encoders will eventually catch this, though it should not be happening under normal movements.

The other thing to keep in mind is that FarmBot does not need to move quickly. It has 24 hours a day to tend to your garden! If sowing the whole garden takes 2 hours, that’s okay, because 1) sowing doesn’t happen very frequently, and 2) FarmBot doesn’t have to go to a 9-5 job, pick up the kids from school, run errands, or sleep. It also doesn’t get tired or bored from tedious tasks :wink:



This is THE main thing to keep in mind. The benefits of robotic micro-farming aren’t that the 'bot is going to be super fast planting seeds (which would make pretty much ZERO difference in how fast you get food), but rather the fact that YOU, the “farmer”, don’t have to do the work.

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