How I am sensing soil moisture - a bit manual (post-processing) now

To get my plot Moisture I am doing the following:
1). Get The Soil Sensor Tool
2). Move To first location
a). This is the first set/group of plants nearest Home (0,0,0).
b). I picked a point in the middle of a group of 4 plants.
3). Move Absolute - Just Z - lowered until soil sensor is in dirt to just below the gold plated sensors.
4). Wait 3 seconds
5). Read sensor
6). Move Absolute - 200mm up on Z only
7). Move Absolute - +10mm on X & Y
8). Back down and read again
9). Back up
10). Move Absolute - -20 on X & Y
11). Back down and read again
12). On to next location & repeat

I picked locations every meter to give me and overall view.

How reliable are you readings between one move into the earth and the other and between changing tools and measuring again?