How is the Rotary encoder connected to the motor?

How is the Rotary encoder connected to the motor?

Please give a detailed circuit diagram and some detailed photos, thanks very much.

We tried to assemble the farmbot, but we did not know how the rotary encoder was connected to the stepper motor? What is the specific connection diagram? Does anyone know? thank you very much!

What model of motor and what model of encoder are you using?

Encoder model: 26C31 Radiation Hardened Quad Differential Line Driver
Motor model: NEMA17 42STH47-1684B

Is there a complete schematics for farmbot’s complete set of electronic devices? Please send a copy to us.

Which encoder enclosure are you using? Just to make sure, you are asking how to physically attach the encoder enclosure to the back of the stepper motor, right?

We don’t have a electronics schematic yet, but we’re working on it. If you need any information about the default Arudino pin connections, you can refer to the code here. The pins for the peripherals are fully customizable in the web app.

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Thank you, the information you provide is very useful, this is what we want.