How it is the correct way to trigger a regime?

Mine didn’t start from event scheduler

Have you followed the instructions in the Farm Events documentation? Regimens are generic; in order to run a date and time needs to be set in a Farm Event.

I think so… here is what I have:

Since the first sequence in the Regimen is scheduled at 6:00am, I would expect that Regimen to start on May 27. If the first scheduled sequence in the Regimen is before the start time of the Farm Event for that Regimen, the Regimen will start the next day so that the first action isn’t missed.

If it still hasn’t started, I would check that you able to get Farm Events to run Sequences.

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I got It! thank you. I will add a “take photo” in the sequence to see if it is running or not. just another question, it is normal that the “farm event” now disappear? will still run the regimen in the next days?

using take photo into the sequence to see if the sequence runs or not, I could start the sequence by itself using the “farm events” successfully. sequence started at 5:55am yesterday
so I did the same with the “regime” but did not work
the regime is programmed at “day 1” to water plants at 6:00am and 6:00pm just like previous photos in this thread. and I program the farm event to start today 5/31/2017 five minutes before (5:55am)
the regime last 5 weeks (35 days) and my farm event is recurring 3 times every 3 months just to put some numbers

I might be doing something wrong but I don´t know what exactly