How long do seeding operations take?

If I was to plant a entire XL bed with lettuce at 20cm spacing how long would that take the bot?

I don’t know but that’s an interesting question. Are you talking about from when you have the whole thing programmed, seeds are ready, and you say go? How long would that take?

Or are you asking about the time it might take to setup the location of all the seeds in the program, but the seeds in the tray, etc. Does this include watering?

Come spring I could probably setup a small sample size of planting and extrapolate from there.

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Im interested in the ‘work’ time when the whole thing is already set up and ready to go.

I’m intending to extend the rails on my machine and wondering how long I could make it before the machine has no time to complete operations.

Hey @sam_uk I guess the problem would not be the time that the bot would need to seed, because it could do it 24/7 but rather the power of the motors if you elongate the stuff “endlessly”. There are many threads around wrt to the max. length so maybe you´ll find some answers there…


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The basic plan is to use stainless unistrut as the rails, ‘cog’ type wheels to mate up with the holes. The rails will be powered by solar panels at a nominal 17volt. The farmbot motors and control will be used. All of the control, vacuum pump etc will be ‘on board’

I won’t bother with water, that will just be drip irrigation.

Drip irrigation! How do you think that poor robot is going to feel about that!?! :yum: