How many pictures available?


it seems that only a particular number of images are available in the farmware app and the question is:
a) how can I access the old ones?
b) how many are only available?
c) why is that so limited?

Thank, Best

@Gabriel support pls!

The most recent 100 images are available in the Photo widget, which has been enough for most users. If you’d like to see more relevant images, you can delete any unnecessary photos. If you need to view an older photo in the archive, we did recently release a data export feature that you could use to download all of your web app data, which includes image urls.

@Gabriel thanks for the reply. Just to get it correctly:
The recent 100 pictures are displayed in the web app but all of them are stored on the server, at the moment “forever”? It felt to me that only approx. 30 are available of the past because I was missing my calibration picture which I could not find any more. At some point I was not able to scroll previous any more. Could you please recheck this assumption? You could look into my pics to verify?

Hey @Gabriel this issue is not really solved; as the bot lost its calibration values (could that be due to a firmware update?) it wanted to delete all pictures up to my calibration picture; at some point you need to reload the website that all deleted pictures will not be shown by the web-gui; then a funny thing happened, as there were already deleted pics display. I clicked on delete, it showed an error on the bottom in red and the bot went into disconnect and stayed there. By reloading the website everything was normal again.

Could you please solve this issue with the pictures, that´s really annoying. Plus multiple delete would be so much appreciated…

Hi! can you please direct me to the data export feature, please? I need to bin hundreds of photos for research purposes.

Click the account dropdown menu to the right of the E-STOP button and select ACCOUNT SETTINGS. The data export widget is at the very bottom of the page.

I may be out in left field, but I just tried to make a selfie of my FB XL plot (10’x20’) and it took more that 100 pictures. After #100, the Farm Designer started to drop the oldest picture.
Can we get the 100 limit bumped up a bit? Maybe 300?