How much food does a typical FarmBot bed produce?

Hi guys,

Congrats on reaching your goal in the campaign.
You must be eating from your FarmBot bed by now.
How much food are you able to get form it?
How big of a bed would I need to grow all my vegetables for my family (only 3 people).

Great question! We’ve done an analysis, which you can read here:

I live with many people and yes, we’re eating the food from the FarmBot bed. Now that the plants are fully grown we can’t eat it fast enough!

I plant my garden (especially things like lettuce) in phases. Some thinks (like beets) I will plant a full 20’ row, and then a second row a few weeks later. With lettuce, on the other hand, I plant one set of seeds (allowing for germination failure) for each of 4 types of lettuce every week. This prevents the issue of everything maturing at once, and reduces waste.

That’s a great technique @leon.kemp, and something that FarmBot is capable of as well! We’re looking forward to seeing how people use FarmBot and optimize their gardens for maximum yield :0