How to disable firmware updates

Hoi zäme,

please disable that the newest firmware is flashed once you sign into your account new again and connect the farmbot to the WiFi or at least let the user choose.

Today the bot disconnected for whatever reason, still no one is really interested to solve those things; I connected the bot again to my WiFi and it directly downloaded the newest firmware 6.4.7. which is known to not work. Please at least let the user chose wether the bot shall update to the newest firmware automatically or not…

I’m not sure this is completely on topic, but doesn’t this option (circled in cyan) satisfy your requirement Klimbim?

Also, to help solve that problem of the WiFi disconnect resetting the FB, I set the time required for a reset to be many, many hours.

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@fuzzynickel is correct. If you wish to opt out of os updates you are more than welcome, however we do have checks for features and bug fixes that you will miss out on.

Hey @fuzzynickel that is actually turned off so even more I wondered why that happened to auto update itself… ?

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