How to fit Luer adaptor

Just checking in case I’ve misunderstood something. Here are two photos of the Luer lock adaptor and seeder tool that I received with my Genesis XL v1.5. They don’t fit together! The thread on the adaptor is much too small for the wider thread on the tool. Taking the adaptor to pieces and trying different ways to plug it in doesn’t help.

The adaptor is not like the one in the instructions but it is like the one in the bill of materials

My best guess is that the design has been updated and that the seeder tool I got shipped was an old version. Please confirm!


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Same here. I thing someone at Farmbot was a bit distracted… They told me they will send the good one.

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Probably in the upgrade process from 1.4 to 1.5. Are they sending you a new luer adaptor or new plastic tool?

@SimonB sorry about that!

After receiving several support requests for this exact issue we identified that our manufacturing partner made a mistake and accidentally used the v1.4 brass inserts (1/4"-28 UNF threads) on a small percentage of the new v1.5 seeder tools, which require M5 threads for the new stainless steel luer lock adaptors. You, and anyone else reading this thread can email with your original order number and shipping address and we will send a v1.4 luer lock adapter replacement part which has threading that will fit your seeder tool.


Thanks, Rory!

by the way, I am very disappointed with my recent purchase. Parts are missing, raspberry pi not working (not tested). Moreover they wait one month before sending you the replacement parts. I paid $4000 8 weeks ago and I am still waiting… Just missed the seeding season by the way.

My kit was missing some parts (hardware stops, some nut bars), had the wrong Luer adaptor and 5he camera didn’t work. I’ve been promised replacements will be shipped in 10 working days.

Yeah, it’s annoying and I’ve been sowing by hand. On the other hand, it’s hard running a business under these weird circumstances and with supply chains from China. So I’m happy to cut them a bit of slack.


Hi SimonB,

did you get the missing parts you have been promised?

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Not yet, but they were apparently shipped on Saturday (23rd May) so I’d expect them sometime next week.

still didn’get the missing luer adaptor, it is becoming unsane

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Me neither, although it’s not their fault. Parts were sent by UPS on the 21st May. I asked for and got a tracking number but there his been no update since May 24th. The package is ‘in transit’. I’ve talked to friends who’ve had deliveries from the US delayed by 2 months since COVID hit.

Sow by hand and then input the data. Crazy I know, and the opposite of automation.



I also received mis-matched seeder, brass insert, luer adapter. I “ordered” the free one via the shopping cart.

Since this is an open source project, I figured I can also just source the part myself (since there may be some shipping delays). I have M5 brass insert here. I 3d printed the seeder part downloaded from the web CAD. But the hole in the seeder to too small for a M5 brass insert. Since version Genesis XL 1.5 uses the M5 insert, the CAD part should be sized for it. I’m not sure what is up there. I’ll probably just drill out the hole bigger.

I also tried tracking down a source for the luer lock adapter. The only similar part I found was over $30, which seems a bit high for a simple part. The Bill of Materials (BOM) isn’t very specific about the part. It would be great if the BOM could include a manufacturer’s part number so equivalents could be found.

My package is moving again after 3 weeks at Los Angeles airport!


I ordered this Luer adapter and it works great:

Fittings Space “Metal Male Luer Lock Syringe Fitting to Metric M5 M5X0.75 Male” Dynapex Part Number qbu2m_m_m5x07km.

Fits McMaster-Carr “Tapered Heat-Set Inserts for Plastic, Brass, M5 x 0.80 mm Thread Size, 6.700 mm Installed Length” Part Number 94180A361.