How to install Farmbot-os

I am now trying to install Farmbot OS. I have made a farmbot-os image(farmbot-rpi3-3.0.3-staging.4.img) on an 8GB sd card using with Etcher tool. And, I connected the sd card, hdmi cable, wireless keyboard and Arduino MEGA to new Raspberry Pi3 and finally connected the power. But the monitor does not show anything, the Raspberry Pi3 has a red LED on, and the green LED just keeps blinking.
Can you help me with what’s wrong?
I’ve been trying for two days, but I can not go forward.

FarmBotOS is not a standard Raspberry Pi OS. It’s meant to be installed on a Raspberry Pi on a FarmBot, and therefore does not require a mouse, keyboard, and monitor to be connected.

Instead, it uses what we call the FarmBot Configurator. To connect a Raspberry Pi with FarmBotOS to your WiFi and account, follow these instructions.

In a nutshell:

  • From a WiFi enabled device*, connect to the WiFi network with an SSID similar to farmbot-xxxx
  • If you are using a smartphone you may need to disable cellular data to allow your phone’s browser to connect to the configurator.
  • Open a web browser to
  • Follow the on screen instructions to configure your FarmBot. Once you save your configuration FarmBot will connect to your home WiFi network and to the FarmBot web application.

It seems like you wrote FarmBotOS to the SD card fine, but for reference, FarmBotOS installation instructions.

Also, there are newer releases of FarmBotOS.

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