How to make Farmbot work with your own server?

Hello everyone, I am a user using Farmbot in Korea. Is there anyone who runs the Farmbot server directly from an external server? If there are people who are running Farmbot using their own server, could you tell me what you did? I need your help.

Hello @smartfarm

Please review these instructions on how to run your own server:

Hosting your own server requires an understanding of how Ruby on Rails applications (and databases) operate. Self-hosting the web app will not provide you with a more stable user experience and may result in accidental security issues or data loss. There are only a handful of use cases where running a third party server may be necessary:

  • Development of new features, bug fixes, and pull requests.
  • Independent security research and auditing.

:warning: If you are not a Ruby on Rails developer or you have never written a Ruby on Rails application, please use instead of trying to self host. Running a server is a non-trivial task that may require hundreds of hours of setup and maintenance time. Data loss and security issues are possible in some circumstances. Self hosting requires an intermediate background (3 to 5 years experience) in Ruby, SQL and Linux system administration.

:no_entry: Technical support for self hosting is beyond the scope of the basic technical support that FarmBot Inc provides with each FarmBot kit. If you or your organization pursue self hosting, you will need to operate your server independently of FarmBot Inc technical support. We do not have the resources available to help developers learn to setup servers, environments, configurations, or perform Linux command line instructions.


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