How to see OS which is build in Rasberry?

Hi, I have been working on farmbot and I completed my hardware but due to my project I need to add or remove few things according to my requirement but the problem is I cant see my OS and web app. It just works when I flash the img file in my sd card. But is there any other way that I can edit my objectives by opening its OS. Please kindly help

Hi, I’m not sure I understand your question. What specifically are you trying to accomplish? Here is the source code for the OS, so if you need to modify it for your needs, you are more than welcome to. You can also run your own private/custom version of the web app if you need to.

Sir just tell me the OS which you used only works in Ubuntu or any other platform?? Secondly web app only supports OS of farmbot?? Sorry my questions are foolish but I am just a new in such a spectacular project…

Q: How do I Setup an instance locally?

git clone
2. cd Farmbot-Web-App
3. bundle install
4. yarn install
5.Database config: Copy config/database.example.yml to config/database.yml via cp config/database.example.yml config/database.yml
6.App config: MOST IMPORTANT STEP. Copy config/application.example.yml to config/application.yml via mv config/application.example.yml config/application.yml . Please read the instructions inside the file. Replace the example values provided with real world values.
7.Give permission to create a database*
8. rake db:create:all db:migrate db:seed
9.(optional) Verify installation with RAILS_ENV=test rake db:create db:migrate && rspec spec (API) and npm run test (Frontend).
10.Start server with npm run dev . Make sure you set an MQTT_HOST entry in application.yml pointing to the IP address or domain of the (soon-to-be-installed) MQTT server. You will need to set that up next.
11.Open localhost:3000.
12.Although you can now try things out in your browser, you will still need to provision an MQTT server before you can control a FarmBot.

If I follow these all points can I able to see my OS and web app and edit it according to my desire???

If you follow those instructions, you will have a local installation of the web app running on your computer, which you can configure to work with your FarmBot. The web app can be run on Mac or Linux computers. However, we strongly recommend to use the free hosted version of the web app at, especially for someone unfamiliar with software.

FarmBotOS is an operating system that only works on the Raspberry Pi. Once installed, you can configure it to work with or with another instance of the web app.

Please see the software documentation for further details:

@Abdullah If I am understanding the question correctly, you wish to run custom software on the device from sources like apt-get or yum.

FarmBot OS is a custom built Linux system. Unlike Ubuntu or Raspbian, it does not have a desktop user environment nor a package manager for installing extra applications. It only runs the applications required for communication with the web app. This keeps the overall image size small, reduces memory usage, prevents file system corruption and reduces the chance of security vulnerabilities.

FarmBot OS is currently the only OS that is integrated with the web app.

Hi I have follow all the instructions which is given on But the problem from my side is yarn install is not working. It gives error of no such file or directory. However i reinstall all the repositories and dependices just to verify my installation. I skip this step and continue ahead. when i type npm run test following are the errors

Please let me know how to fix it.

@Abdullah do you have yarn installed? Check by typing which yarn or yarn -v or something similar to see if it’s installed (the first will give you its path and the second should show the installed version - just to verify).

If it’s not installed try this: or npm install --global yarn
and repeat from step 4.

Yes i have install yarn 1.0.2 and might be because of it my npm run test executes files but when i type npm run dev it gives me error. Now can u guide me what to do next??


yarn install is not working because that terminal window is in your home directory. It needs to be in the project directory (example: cd Farmbot-Web-App).

The error No such file or directory, open /home/abdullah/package.json is stating that package.json does not exist in your home directory. It exists in the project directory, which is not the same thing as the home directory.

Closing this issue because it is getting away from the original topic. If you have any other questions about setup, please start a new thread.

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