How to service multiple beds


Hello everyone. Joshua Hebb with Hands On Growing.
I have created a garden basket that goes on a pallet or a skid. So I plan to use a FarmBot to plant my basket. Because the basket is mobile and all baskets are the same I do not see why we can’t just change out the baskets under the FarmBot in a assembly line fashion rather than try and move the FarmBot. This should allow me to farm thousands of baskets all by myself. Baskets when on a skid are 3’x3’ so 9sq/ft of garden space. Anyone who is interested in this I am more than happy to share about Hands On Growing and the baskets we have.



I am working on a similar project with my university (not course related) and would love to share some ideas! I sent a message to one of the developers (I forget his name) and he said that the limitation here was that the FarmBot requires a precise datum to refer to, and moving beds around could cause issues. However, I feel that this could be quite easily tackled with some clever coding and identifiers on the beds.

I was considering either a larger number of small beds - same width as the Bot, but segmented to be maybe 1/4 the length of the total span - or beds that are the same size as the Bot.



did someone go on with this topic?
I´m also thinking about using farmbot with moveable beds. It has to be possible with identfiers and something like multiple homing. Until now, I have no idea how to fix it in the code. Maybe someone of you has an idea?
Thanks a lot!