How to set up weed detection

Anyone having luck setting up the weed detector? If anyone on the forum that bought a kit and has their Farmbot planting, watering, weeding, or doing anything really. You would be a valuable resource to me.


I brought this up in the documentation request thread that you also posted in. The answer was that the documentation was updated. What it now says for “weed detection” is that its a “work in progress”.

So no, I don’t think weed detection currently works and it is not documented as to how to set it up and use it.

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It doesn’t work, but it sure looks nice! too bad looks don’t compensate for three grand.

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Weed detection is indeed under development and will be coming soon (background information on weed detection).

I feel your pain. Features that are currently not implement should not be presented as part of the product but rather as a “roadmap” item.

I’ve asked for a comprehensive list of functioning software, but am still waiting for that :slight_smile:

My impression right now is that the machines work well enough for “development” work but not for actual end user use. Hopefully the infusion of capital will enable the team to deliver on promises quickly.


My Farmbot just arrived today and your comment has me worried bgmoon! Haha!

Still, I am very much looking forward to learning as I go and diving into the deep-end so-to-speak.

Hey, congrats on getting your machine. I’m a hardened engineer and can sometimes come off as being more negative than I actually am. The farmbot team is work very hard on closing bugs found and moving forward with features. The forum is a really good place to get fast advice or tips.