How to treat brown water

Hello all,
Last week I was watering my garden and I found that the water is brown in color. I thought that the water is brown only in outdoor, but it is brown indoor too. I read an article which said about the possible causes of brown water and came to know that it may be due to rust or sediments. Is it harmful to use that water for watering edible plants?? How shall I get rid of this?? Any ideas??

Based on your particular situation, maybe using this to water your plants will even benefits them, since the water is rich of iron. Getting rids them this also depends on the reasons. Maybe you just need to run the water until the rust is all gone, or in the worst case scenario, you will have to replace your pipes.

I would have the water tested to make sure it doesn’t have any bacterial/harmful compounds. Its usually low cost/free from your county farm extension.

Based on those results, then either run a bunch of water through it to clear out, add chlorine, and flush from system and or a simple irrigation filter. Again, the exact action would be dictated what is found in the water analysis. That’s where you should start.

i encounter the similar issue. thanks for your info