How to use farmbot OS source code to update my farmbot OS?

Hi, developers! I followed the instructions on the GitHub page for Farmbot OS and successfully executed the file. It produced a _build folder and I found a .fw file inside the folder, I wonder how I could install this reproduced Farmbot OS into my own farmbot.

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Hi @dikaiz that’s also documented somewhere, I’m fairly sure, but the next steps are easy.

  • Install the fwup package somewhere ( your Dev host is usually the best place ).
  • Run fwup to create a disk image file ( .IMG type ) for example:
       $ fwup -a -d myimage.img -i myfirmware.fw -t complete
  • Use a flash card writer utility ( e.g., balenaEtcher ) to create a bootable SDHC card for your Farmbot Raspberry Pi.
  • Boot up your new FBOS and do the Configuration steps :slight_smile:

When you’re familiar with Elixir/Erlang and the build environment, it’s easy to add SSH support to your build so that you can use secure Terminals and File Transfer to your running bot.
This also allows you to directly update your FBOS build from your .FW file.

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