Hunting for pins in FB documentation

I have been documentation diving trying to find a list of pin IDs but I must admit, I cannot find them.

Using a sequence I can turn the light on and off as I can the LED 3 and 4 but I cannot find the documentation to do it in LUA.

Diving into the watering LUA code I find this

    write_pin(8, "digital", 1)
    wait(watering_time * 1000)
    write_pin(8, "digital", 0)

Where can I find a list of the other pins, specifically LED 3 and LED 4

Pin reference table

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Magic. I have added that page as it is invaluable.
I had been searching on the wrong page! I now know.

Much appreciated.

@jturbett A question. I can see that Pin 7 is the lighting, however I can not see LED 3 and LED 4 from the control box. Pin 13 says LED but nothing else. Any clues?

@roryaronson Hi Rory. Any ideas on the pin assignments for the LED 3 and LED 4?

I actually don’t know which LEDs are connected to pins 3 or 4. I assume they are on the board itself, and the schematics might provide more information. However, what are you trying to accomplish? There is extra wiring for auxiliary peripherals, such as pins 10 and 12, which are pulse width modulated (PWM) power outputs. These can power LEDs or other devices like a 24V solenoid or even another Raspberry Pi using a 24V to USB cigarette lighter converter step-down. (It was a hack that worked for me.)

All I want to do is control the LEDs on the control box from LUA code.

Why? I am using the LEDs to provide feedback about the sequence / code execution process.
I would love to add a small LCD / eInk screen to provide execution feedback but that is out of my skill set at the moment. :sunglasses:

sounds like the Altair, why not use a messaging system that can give more detailed status on your phone than the few buttons on top?

Well, this is an interesting thread.

I do not know what you are talking about BUT I am very interested.
What is Altair? I did a quick Google search in relation to FB and found nothing.

I am really old, it was a computer in the 70’s that had only lights and a ribbon


ok. i totally misread the thread. how would you implement the messaging system

These are unfortunately not exposed to Lua at the moment. Those LEDs are connected to the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO instead of the Farmduino’s. You can control them from the CONTROL PERIPHERAL command but not via a Lua helper.

You could probably use cs_eval() and paste in the celeryscript you see in a sequence step that sets the LED as you want. I have not tried this, but in theory it should work!

You could also rewire the LEDs from the Pi Adapter Board to Farmduino pins.

Thanks. I will do some experiments and come up with a solution.