Hydroponic Medium VS Soil

Hi there,

Was wondering whether there were any reason using a soilless medium would affect the system? Any thoughts?

There are many Hydroponic Medium choices.

I will basically pick three at the worst ends.

  1. Gravels these would extremely hard on plastic tools in compare to soil.
  2. Expanded Clay as being impacted with these can chip so you may be harming the media more than the tools.
  3. Pumice is the ouch of ouch. Due to being sharp impacting does not only hurt your tools but also most likely hurting plant roots quite a distance away. This is a medium that you use avoiding impacts where possible.

There are many other Hydroponic Medium choices and each would have to be reviewed and stuff adjusted based on the different properties. Tools designed for soil will work fine in some Hydroponic Mediums. Note the word some its not all. None to all of the tools and programming might have to be redesigned to suit what ever the chosen Hydroponic Medium is.