I get no 5volt to the raspberry pi

Hi! I just received the farmduino express pcb some month ago and i now flashed the firmware to the sd card for the Pi. When i had the pi powered only it boots up and the farmbot network became visable.
Then i installed it on the farmduino and nothing happend except that the leds on the farmduino seemed to show ok. I then checked and i dont get any 5v from the farmduino to the pi, Note that i have nothing else connected to the farmduino, is there something that has to be connected for the farmduino to power the pi??



Can you send us a few photos of your FarmBot electronics.

Also can you check the camera cable is connected in and that the Raspberry Pi is snug and connected into the Farmduino and the Raspberry Pi. If it seems loose, you may need to firmly push the Raspberry Pi into place.

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