I just downloaded the code and

it fails to compile with ‘PinGrardPin’ does not name a type… I have NOT spent must time looking into it. But thought I’d ask first.


Ran into the same issue with the github master version. Download the release version and it will work.

Yep, just what @davetom13 said. Here’s a link: https://github.com/FarmBot/farmbot-arduino-firmware/releases/tag/alpha-1.0

I’ve not checked the code myself, but it looks like thts missing a space. Find the line of code in question and put a space in so it reads “Pin GrardPin” Pin is a type in arduino code (I think, its been about 4 years since I worked with arduino)

Thanks for the assist. I downloaded the alpha, unzipped and tried a build. The hard-coded path to the header file, known_16bit_timers.h in the file TimerOne.h, caused a “file not found error”. With a simple move of the header file to the main directory the problem is fixed.