If server is down, robot does nothing

I am currently setting up a server (self hosting). I noticed that when my server is down, the robot no longer executes the pre-programmed sequences. I think it’s a bit of a shame in the sense that the equipment allows it.
The raspberry could have a copy of the sequences to be executed to be automatic while the server or WiFi is down. When server or WiFi is back on, the raspberry could sync and send all previous sensor reading and report all actions done during down time.
What are your objectives for future development about this subject?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Farmbot should continue to execute events and regimens even while offline. There’s a problem of the RPI’s system clock skewing without a network connection in about 11 minutes. It shouldn’t skew enough to prevent sequences from running however. There are also some gotchas where you have to set some settings in the web app before allowing farmbot to work offline