If statement cannot read Pin variable

Since the last update, IF statement can only read position and peripheral, but not more pin value as explain in the documentation (as explained in https://software.farm.bot/docs/verify-a-tool-has-been-mounted).

It’s impossible to check tool mounted in a sequence…


I experienced the same issue tool verification pin value did not trigger sequence as it was specified in the if statement…

It seems to work on my FB XL 1.4 with 7.0.1
Maybe a localization issue (language)?

Then i have different issue. I can specify the if as i want. But it does not do what its supposed to (my sequence is if tool is not mounted, then mount a tool, else send a message) it just always goes ahead and tries to pick the tool as if it wasnt evaluating the if at all…

@eide Raw pin access can be enabled via the option shown above. This is to reduce visual “clutter” on the app, sinc there are many possible pin selections.

Ok, thanks, that’s better !
You should mention this here in your doc.

Rick and I updated this doc to reflect the “SHOW PINS” option.