I'm a software developer. Where can I download FarmBot source code?

Note to users: This is a list of software source code intended for use by software developers and advanced users. If you need help installing FarmBot software on a device you have recently built, please see the installation documentation.

Many software developers have messaged me wishing to review and modify the source code. That’s great to hear! As an open source project, FarmBot allows developers the freedom to modify the source code any way they see fit.

Like most open source projects, we host our software on Github. Here are the most popular source code links:

  • Web App (Ruby, Typescript) - Cloud storage, REST API and user interface.
  • Firmware (C++) - Arduino source code. Controls stepper motors, pins, etc.
  • FarmBot OS (Elixir) - Embedded operating system that runs on the Raspberry Pi. The “glue” between the API, frontend and firmware.