I'm not a green thumb!

Hey there,

I was wondering if someone experienced with indoor growing could recognize something I could tweek.

I had my farmbot mostly operational early 2021 and we’ve gone as a Grade 4 class through a couple cycles now.

We can sprout and grow but our yield for vegetables is low. I’m really only getting snap peas, where things I thought would be easier like tomatoes just don’t seem to have much of any flowering or veggies. Every time I try to simplify from the previous iteration and pick veggies that I think will grow better, but I could use some advice.

We have two UV lights and a large window, daily watering, and what I can tell is decent soil. I open windows when I can and try to physically help the plants with pollination.

Some things I think that might be the issue:

  • Our watering frequency (once a day for a few seconds per plant)
  • Our lighting schedule (I’m going for about 10 hour cycle right now on the UV light)
  • Our fertilizer was forgotten and added after the initial planting
  • My choice of seeds
  • Pollinating without natural pests or regular wind

I think I’ll have a green thumb friend visit in a short while, but I thought I’d ask ahead of time.


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