I'm suspicious of my Farmduino board

Hello. I’m having trouble where my Z-axis motor is always reading a -1 for the encoder position. I swapped my Y and Z encoder and motor driver cables and the z-axis was able to move and report correct values (in the Y axis column of the UI). The Z axis, which is now connected to the Y axis motor, which works, is now reporting -1 for the values. So, it’s clear to me that this isn’t an issue with the motor or cables, but looks to me to be an issue with the Farmduino board. Should I just order a replacement Farmduino board and swap it out or is there some other tests I could/should run first? I don’t have an oscilliscope right not, but I’ve heard that there are some cheap ones that can be obtained. I do have a volt meter, but don’t have any Molex connectors (although I could order some).

Hi @Mrjimo
Might be fastest to email FarmBot Inc. about this one : contact@farm.bot

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