Images: Blur / Morph / Iteration

I don’t really understand the settings for Blur, Morph and Iteration (under Photos).


Would a kind soul be willing to explain what these do in plain English?

Also, my photos are over-exposed and under-saturated. The example below was taken during a cloudy day, so it’s not the result of direct sunlight. Any advice to improve would be gratefully received.


Many thanks!!!

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Blur: Image blur kernel size. (How much the image is blurred before starting the detection process. This helps remove input noise.)

Morph: Size of the structuring element used for morphological transformations. (The amount of detail used by the detection process, or the resolution of the processing tool. This can help reduce output noise.)

Iterations: Number of erosion and dilation morphological transformation cycles. (How many times the detection process is repeated. This exaggerates the detection process result.)