Improve speed of the motors

Ok, in a video I have measured that it takes 10 sec to plant a seed at 0.2 meters and come back… near the toolbay…
So in the farmbot genesis XL (6 meters longer) to plant a seed at 6 meter it will take approximately 300 sec (5min).
If I plant some salads for sample, spaces by 0.3 meters it makes 162 plants for a farmbot genesis (3m x 6m) .
So between 10 sec and 300 sec we have a average of 155 sec by plant so a total of 25110 secondes so 418,5 min so 6.975 hours … so 7 hours… Am I right? because for a human to plant 162 plants it takes in average 15 minutes… 7 hours with the robots/ 15 minutes with the human… why some peoples wants to put it on wheels and try make it commercially profitable? It has no sense…
But perhaps my calculs are wrong… does some persons have measured the time of the farmbot to seed and to crush the badges herbs on a whole area of 3m x 6m ?
In spite of using theses motors : NEMA 17 Stepper Motors with Rotary Encoders
What would happens if we will use faster motors, and so more expensive motors?

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