Improved path planning


when I show the robot I often get a comment concerning the path planning that seems to be visible for a lot of people: The robot is always going back to the beginning of a row to restart the activities (watering, seeding). It might just do this activity back on the way to the beginning. Please see the following screenshot:

This might be improved to:


  • faster
  • position will be kept better
  • less wear (if that’s an argument)

Is that a difficult change?


@jensGeorgsen This is on the roadmap, but it’s not the highest priority at the moment. We are still focusing on stability / weed detector v2. I will let the team know that this feature has a higher demand than we have anticipated.


I’ve also noticed the FarmBot seems to pause between queued moves. Like if it has commands to go to 100, 100, -100 then to 200, 200, -200 then to 300, 300, -300 it will accelerate and decelerate between the moves instead of doing a smooth run between them. This slows down the whole procedure quite a bit, and makes more noise.