Inconsistent email messaging system

Hi there

I have been trying to get to the bottom of some reliability issues so I decided to put some messaging at the beginning and end of a sequence so I could tell when they ran. Here is the sequence.

The issue is that the email only comes through some of the time. I have sometimes received the start message, the end message, both or none.

The log files show success but the messages are not coming through. In this case, no messages came through, but an earlier run sent through the end message only.

Messages sent to the email channel should get batched and sent as a digest I believe every 10 minutes. Are you not receiving the messages at all, or were you just expecting them to always come through one by one immediately?

I am aware of the batching which is fine. I am finding that sometimes I get the first message, or the second, of both or sometimes - none. I can see the sequence ran (scheduled) from the log file but no email arrived. It is a bit random.