Indoor Gardening in School using Bed Plans

I’m a teacher who is just starting to use our FarmBot Express. Yesterday my colleague and I built the Mobile Raised Bed and are now thinking of starting the build.

I have a few questions with our bed, I hope some indoor gardeners can help me with.

  • I’ve previously had an indoor garden for our school. Our plastic planters had reservoirs that wicked water upwards, but lay below a drainage mesh.

    . If the plan asks for a simple tarp liner, is there any mold build up, or is the watering a bit more measured to prevent this?

  • The depth of the bed is not huge, maybe 14cm. I’m not seeing where I messed up but it seems very shallow.

I had the same thought and that was the reason why I designed my own raised bed with a depth of about 30cm.

I’m in no way a gardener with experience but thought about the legth of a carrot and that ~14cm is quite low to give them enough soil. I could be wrong because it was more a feeling then knowledge.

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The only thing I was thinking is hilling for root vegetables, but man I haven’t even set up this robot and I’m already doing extra work for it?

You’ll have to get used to that. :rofl:

If you want to I can share my plans with you. They are still more beta than final but they can give you an idea on how it can be done.

I stopped counting the hours I needed for designing the raised bed and putting the plates level in the garden. On my side it gets even worse: I put it all up but still have no soil in the raised bed because it was too late season wise to plant anything. I already put the gantry and the solar panel in the cellar for winter. Beside of that I will move in March so I will again have to take the raised bed apart and build it up again. I even won’t be able to use the solar panel with the batteries and the rainwater collection on the new place (value of about 2’500$ for nothing).
Now I’m just lucky that there is no soil in which would have been 1m3 weighting about 800-1’000kg! :scream:

I take it as a challenge but I will have my vegies next year!!!

PS: The idea of a hobby is, to achieve minimum yield with maximum effort. :sunglasses: :v:t3:


That’s sounds exactly like my struggle with baking.

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