Indoor (office) FarmBot setup


Howdy all,

Currently building a FarmBot for inside the first story of a corporate office.

Finding a grow bed was difficult as I am avoiding wood due to the potential leakage issues, I instead intend to use a 1m x 2m plastic tub with premade drainage points.

The tub is very deep so am wondering how best to fill it with empty space so I don’t need a crazy amount of soil (and weight!). I am thinking that additional plastic containers placed inside the bin before soil might be a good bet. (I can stand on the containers and weigh 100kg so I think the soil weight will be just fine).

What might the minimum grow depth need to be? My container is 570mm deep and I was considering dropping in containers that are 290mm tall leaving a soil depth of 280mm deep – will that be deep enough?

I see in the build guide that when attaching the rails to the edges of a wooden raised garden bed, that it is done on the outer edge of the wood.
In my case the edges are plastic and are quite thick, appx 65mm-70mm. Would I be wiser to install the tracks on the inside of the plastic tub?? Or can the farmbot software accomodate for different sized grow areas independently of the track width?


Yes! The Farmbot software and hardware can accommodate those dimensions.

What part of the world do you live in?



I am in New Zealand


Have you already purchased your Farmbot?

It may be worth it for you to meet up with others in NZ or Australia that already have theirs working. Join the Farmbot Genesis Facebook group and see if there’s any Kiwis who would meet up with you.


Chris Jarmillows has a setup very similar to yours.


Marc -Mar 21
Yes! The Farmbot software and hardware can accommodate those dimensions.
What part of the world do you live in?

To answer my own question in full, I was worried about having the large sides of the plastic tub, in case the farmbot could not accomodate for such wide edges.
Turns out you can move your stops inside these areas to physically stop farmbot hitting them (belt ends on X and Y axis)


getting closer to soil time


I could see this sitting inside of a slate type enclosure that could be in the lobby of a corporation. I’ve been thinking about going even smaller in terms of a micro FarmBot designed for house plants and container gardening. It’s great to see your implementation. Best of luck and would love to see how it turns out.


Progress (finally)


Hooray! Watering loop setup with " Loop-Plants-With-Filters" farmware!
Seeds hand planted, just sorting watering at the moment; water was gravity fed from about 2 metres and was VERY weak, was using 8 second watering times. Have since installed a constant pressure pump which has made the water nozzle spray water very nicely.

Live stream (when it works, the RTSP stream is dodgy)


Great Job!

Hey can you tell us what make and model the constant pressure pump is and the approximate electrical wattage that is being used?



Ozito (Bunnings Warehouse) CPP-370 420W CONSTANT PRESSURE PUMP