Install tracks on cinder block raised bed

I have a lot of extra cinder blocks and was planning on building a raised bed for my genius XL. I’m wondering if installing the tracks on a cinder block frame would be a problem. Wondering if anyone who has installed the tracks before can let me know if the effort of getting the blocks in place and level is worth it. Or will I end up having to pull the cinder blocks and replace with wood?

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Welcome @SurySpark. he fact that the cinderblocks can be tamped down or shimmed up independently will help you. I can’t imagine it causing any particular problem except that obviously you are screwing the brackets into cement instead of wood.

I ended up using wood. When assembling I thought “oh no, I should have used some artificial material because wood is never straight.” But I didn’t actually have any issues with it. One thing that I did do that think helped me (because I’m very poor with wood and made lots of mistakes) is using heavy duty brackets to pull by wood in to be square.
FWIW, I did not end up using the dowels that hold the two side pieces of track together. The documentation indicated they were optional and it seemed like more risk of damage.

You can see my system in operation if you like. This was from last year when I first got it set up.

Good luck!