Integrate intelligent water software

Would there be someone out there who is willing to integrate this software code:

into the farmbot? It would be so great, to have a connection between forecast and soil sensor data to water the plants
as intelligent as possible…

See this thread as reference:

Btw: @connor @roryaronson how could a not so very experienced programmer contribute and develop e.g. his own plug in?
If I would like to integrate a solar radiation sensor in order to see if the plants should be watered or if there’s too much sun, how could I “easily” do that?

This seems like the perfect use case for our plugin system called “Farmware”. It’s still in early development and has changed a few times. Currently we support python. Unfortunately the documentation for it is sparse and minimal at the moment.

@Gabriel has been building plant/weed detection with this plugin system tho so he could probably help you out a bit

The easiest way would be to attach the sensor to an Aduino pin and conditionally execute a watering sequence if the pin value is above or below a theshould. This can all be done from within the Sequence Builder in the web app, and is similar to what you can do with the soil sensor.