Internet Connection Issues

I have talked to the IT department at my school and sent them the link to the IT Professional page, and they said they have resolved my issue. With that being said, I had reconfigured my FarmBot (using an Ethernet connection) and continuously get a code 16.

I have tested OS versions 15.3.2 and 15.3.4 and get the same results. I have also tried configuring the FarmBot through Wi-Fi, while having it connected to the Ethernet port. and keep getting the same results.

I am unsure on what steps I should take next to get my FarmBot operational. Are there any other issues that could be arising when I am configuring it or should I just try to get a mobile hotspot/ router so it would be able to have internet access? Would a router be able to help with the internet connection since I am on a school campus and would be trying to use the schools Wi-Fi?

Such a test ( if positive ) should help your IT department locate the root connectivity issue(s).

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