Introduce yourself - why are you here?

Hello there fellow farmboteers! Dave here, but you can call me Dave, or new wave, or mutt, or… anyway, I am a fifty something professional with a big veggie garden, which I have had in some form or fashion every growing season for the last 30+ years. I can count at least a dozen gardens I have built in various places and left behind - hopefully they are still being tended by some other dirty handed human. My garden this year includes tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, beets, carrots and potatoes.

I have very little experience with robots, computers, software, etc., but I have a son who is getting some schooling in computer science and engineering, and he will be assisting on the hardware and software side. Not sure on plan yet, but I am thinking about building a lockable greenhouse type enclosure for an experimental farmbot area. Depending on your own location, security might be an issue. I have had some trouble with trespassers before, so I want to be able to lock things up at night.

Not sure on plantings - a lot of vegetables get pretty big before harvesting. I will have to modify my normal plantings and choose some things that are more compact. For this forum, it might be a good idea to create a section strictly for the botanical aspect of the farmbot project. Ultimately, farmbot is just a tool. You have to work on your green thumb too and learn how to grow things.

For some good gardening information, go to this website.

This is an Oregon based company with years of experience and tons of helpful information. I have been buying seeds, plants, and other supplies from them for 10 years or so, and they have a great catalog you can sign up to get. They also have a nifty garden planner.

Anyway, glad to be on board and I hope I can contribute to the community with some of my veggie growing experience.

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Thanks for joining the forum! per your suggestion I’ve made a new category to facilitate green thumb related discussions (what to grow, what seeds to use, what time to plant, etc). Eventually we hope that the database over at will become robust enough for use by FarmBot and people without any experience at all!