Is Genesis kit Customer Support only available to customers?

If one were to purchase second hand a complete Genesis kit (in this case, unopened in the original box), would Farmbot, Inc. support it if that were needed beyond the available documentation?


I don’t work for FarmBot, so take my answer with a grain of salt, but I’ve found all the help I’ve ever needed (including direct responses from FarmBot software engineers) by posting to this forum (or by reading others’ posts). The forum doesn’t make you prove that you purchased directly from FarmBot or even that you own a FarmBot, so it seems like you shouldn’t have a problem as far as that sort of support.

If you are asking about parts replacement or something, I can’t comment on that.


Hey Guys,

We are willing to provide limited technical support for any FarmBot that is purchased from the FarmBot Inc. [] Website.

Sven is correct all the information you need including troubleshooting tips is available on our website and the FarmBot Forum has a significant amount of resources and friendly people to help anybody who needs assistance.