Is it possible to run an Express XL on the Farmduino 1.5?

Myself and some friends at a local makerspace are looking into building and then potentially modding 1 or more farmbots for this coming growing season to see what can be done with them. unfortunately the Genesis XL is outside of our current budget, so we were looking at starting with the Express XL and slowly adding upgrades. We also noticed, however, that the Genesis, which essentially has all the available stock upgrades, runs on the Farmduino 1.5. I know the 1.5 runs on a different voltage, so how hard is it to upgrade an express xl to the 1.5 board? so hard as to not be worth it? or maybe just a different power supply and moving some terminals around?

@sciencetor2 I have successfully run the electronics as you describe . . i.e.
Express electronics box with OTG USB cable connecting RPi0W Micro-USB to a Farmduino v1.5.

If you won’t use the Genesis motors + encoders, then you may need to mod and build your own firmware for the ( Genesis ) Farmduino v1.5

Both models use a 24VDC ( 150W ) power supply with same Part Number.