Is the execute command deprecated

While trawling through the documentation, I fell over this.

I cannot see how to use it as it seems no different to just listing other sequences in the existing sequence. Is it a left over from a previous era?
What are the pros and cons of using this command to execute a sub-sequence instead of just listing the sub-sequence?

In the example, I have done exactly that. ‘Mount tool - Safely’ - which mounts the tool and causes specific error handling / warnings if it fails, ‘Water all’ - which is what it is then ‘Dismount Tool - Safely’ which checks the state with an IF statement before and after the dismount_tool() command.

IF the dismount or mount fails, I run a separate sequence that sends the FB head to the far left corner of the bed, lowers its head to -300 (in shame) and then runs e-stop to alert me that something went wrong.

Thanks for pointing this out. That execute command UI is deprecated and was replaced with the newer UI where you just add a sub-sequence directly. Under the hood the CeleryScript is the same - the only change is with the UI.

I have just updated the documentation to remove the execute command and replaced it with a section about adding subsequences: Sequence Commands | FarmBot Software Documentation

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