Is the Genesis Max available now?

Is the Genesis Max available now?

I found that the Genesis Max was not available anymore somewhere on the website.

But in the ‘Intro to FarmBot Genesis’ page I find:

So is the Genesis Max again available?

And if available, how can it be ordered? It does not show up on the order page.

Thanks for your answer in advance.


In a post of @roryaronson of jan 16:
I found:

“And as previously communicated, the Genesis MAX and Express MAX kits will be produced in a separate manufacturing run later this year. The good news there being that those kits share 98% or more of the same components as their smaller siblings.”

Is it correct that the Genesis Max will be available for pre-ordering later this year?

Will be great!

@IvoE Unfortunately, the Genesis Max launch was cancelled. The largest model we currently sell is Genesis XL.

Thank you for your answer @RickCarlino
Good to know.
And thank you for the awesome work you guys are doing!