Is the Genesis Max available now?

Is the Genesis Max available now?

I found that the Genesis Max was not available anymore somewhere on the website.

But in the ‘Intro to FarmBot Genesis’ page I find:

So is the Genesis Max again available?

And if available, how can it be ordered? It does not show up on the order page.

Thanks for your answer in advance.


In a post of @roryaronson of jan 16:
I found:

“And as previously communicated, the Genesis MAX and Express MAX kits will be produced in a separate manufacturing run later this year. The good news there being that those kits share 98% or more of the same components as their smaller siblings.”

Is it correct that the Genesis Max will be available for pre-ordering later this year?

Will be great!

@IvoE Unfortunately, the Genesis Max launch was cancelled. The largest model we currently sell is Genesis XL.

Thank you for your answer @RickCarlino
Good to know.
And thank you for the awesome work you guys are doing!


As an intending commercial grower, I would very much benefit from the economies of scale that a larger model offers. Is the parts list available for Genesis Max that would allow me to assemble my own? Can Genesis XL simply be upgraded the larger dimensions?

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@MakeItGrow Unfortunately, the Genesis MAX did not generate enough commercial interest for us to take it to market. It was a model that many people were excited about, but the pre-sale numbers did not allow us to launch.

It is not as simple as just adding more tracks. There are plenty of places where extra engineering is needed for the a MAX system to run smoothly and those efforts were paused indefinitely due to low demand. Although it is possible in theory, we have yet to see it happen in practice.There are some hobbyists that are privately attempting to do this, but so far we have not seen any of these projects succeed.

Since you say you are doing this for commercial reasons (rather than as a hobby or as an educational exercise), I would highly warn against attempting this. A better option for your business would be to purchase two XL units.As an example, if you find that software changes are needed to support a larger rail system/larger cables/larger hoses/etc… FarmBot, Inc. cannot guarantee that we will change the software to meet the needs of a small subset of our user base. Our top priority is supporting the needs of users running official hardware.

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Makes perfect sense. Thanks for letting me know. Please put me on the list of people who would definitely purchase the Genesis Max (and Ultra Max for that matter). In the meantime, I will definitly pick up an XL, and look forward to contributing my technical skills and knowledge to further developements.