Is there a process for downsizing the bed?


I have a new Farmbot sitting in my lab area but I don’t have the space to make a full 1500x3000 raised bed. The initial plan was to get it built and then downsize but with the lack of space i have in here it’s not going to work. I see questions where it’s about scaling for most users but I need to unfortunately do the opposite. A bed size of 1500x1500 would work if not maybe 1500x2000.

Can I get some help downsizing it and if so is there a process I can get documented to help me figure it out?


Hey @Casnik,

that should not be a problem for the software. Just install 2 of the 4 v-slot tracks for the x-axis and don’t use the track joining plates. Then you’ll have a raised bed with a size of 1500x1500.


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And in the software do I make any changes to configs?

No. Currently there is no maximum size in the config. There will be, but the target is to have the calibration process do a careful automatic measurement of your installation.

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You may also want to shorten the x-axis cable carrier. You can do this by using the small bladed screwdriver and prying apart the cable links where you want to make it shorter. Remove a section and then snap the chain back together.

You can also cut the extra belt length off with scissors, though if there is any chance you will make the FarmBot its full size in the future then I would just coil up the extra and zip tie it.

If you want to do a track length of 2000mm (as opposed to 1500mm) then you will need to cut two of the track extrusions to 500mm. You can do this with a hacksaw pretty easily, though the cut will be a little crude. So when you install the track extrusions end-to-end, just make sure you position the hacksawed side at the end of the tracks, rather than at the joint, so that the transition from one track to the next is still smooth.

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