Is there a way to set the network Configurator to always use a set wired Ethernet configuration upon factory reset?

I am sure there must be a way to do this, but I don’t know where to start looking.
What I want to do is this:
I have our FarmBot connected using a hard wire connection with DHCP.
Every time we do a factory reset (often now in the early days, but I am sure will decrease) the Configurator goes to its default mode of setting up a WiFi network with an SSID of “farmbot-xxxx”.
This means we now have to go to the plot, log into this connection, setup the wired connection, and then reset the bot.
If we could make the default connection the wired (with the DHCP settings needed) it would save much travel time, as the FarmBot is at the school. The DHCP has a very long lease time, so no worries on rolling IP addresses.
I understand that after a major SW/firmware update we may need to redo whatever mods we implement, but the benefit for those in-between time would be most welcome!
Any help or thoughts would be most appreciated!

Not much traction…
Adding the ones I think may have thoughts or interest…

Hi @Intelbotfarmer . . you overlooked @connor :wink:

Can see this might be a worthwhile effort, but am wondering why so many “remote” Factory Resets have been needed ? Was it just optimising the details of the network connection, or changing the WebApp credentials ?

I imagine that FarmBot OS could be changed to serve the Configurator simultaneously on wired and wireless quite readily, but the challenge I see is choosing your “known” IPv4 address on the wired LAN and avoiding conflicts. Maybe DHCP client MAC Reservation helps ?

Hi John & thanks for the input…
As to why so many resets, I had to do many(resets) to get the network configured (working with the school district IT folks), and recently just because I am attempting to become familiar with the the interface. I try some settings, then want to return to factory defaults and start over. Rinse, lather, repeat…
It would also be very helpful if there is a catastrophic fail or power outage/surge that sends our little RazPi into the world of reset…
We do have our MAC tied to a specific DHCP IP, so we should always get the same IP. We do need to pass/set the NTP, Domain & nameserver info at configurator time, so this is where having the Confiurator default to wired (with parameters) would be helpful.

@Intelbotfarmer Just to make sure I am understanding you: you would like a feature that FactoryResets your device, but does not delete your credentials and network credentials?

It sounds like you want to wipe everything locally, with exception to your DNS/NTP/Username/Password settings. Is this correct?

I guess you could call it a “soft reset” or the like.
Basicly, I am trying to avoid having to drive to the plot to reconfig the network.
Maybe a “reset, but retain network config”.
Now, if the only thing a “factory reset” does is wipe only the network settings this might be a mute point. Except if a factory reset can happen without a user selecting the option.
Like if there is a power spike and the hardwire network is dead.