Is there anybody from Japan? / 日本の方はいらっしゃいませんか?


We’re trying to build our own farmbot in Osaka and create a open-source hardware community platform in the region.
If there is anybody in Japan purchased farmbot before and interested in joining us, discussing tech. issues in local language (which I believe would be more efficient…), please kindly leave your contact information below.

Also here’s our e-mail address:




I guess majority of the members here are from USA and Europe.

Hello :hugs: Do you know if there’s anybody that has a Farmbot in San Diego?

I’m in the San Diego area and I’m looking to meet up with other Farmbotarians.



FabLab Setouchiさんなど、どんどん稼働させている方もいるようですね。国内でも盛り上がると嬉しいと思います。ぜひ情報交換していきましょう。

Hi @Marc I guess @rytnsz is here to assist you.

Hello Stine,

This is the translation:

I am assembling a farmbot in Kagoshima, I am my name ryt
I concentrated on 3 days, but I was struggling because the motors on the y axis and the x axis did not move easily.
There seems to be some people who are running more and more like FabLab Setouchi. I think that it will be nice if it gets excited in the country. Let’s exchange information.

Hi @Tomi

I live in Tokyo and build farmbot genesis.
Our story is in our blog.

and we translated doc in japanese which we need to

I’ll mail to you soon.
Regards, Masashi SATO.