Issues with X-Axis Not Moving Evenly

I have an Express XL mounted to a raised garden bed. I’ve noticed that when it moves down the x-axis, the plate where the front wheel is attached on the left side will bow out away from the box instead of staying touching the box. The issue seems to be getting worse the more I run it and now the left column is often falling off of the garden box or the right side will move farther than the left making the whole thing skewed. I tried re-squaring the columns, but it didn’t seem to help. My FB is basically useless currently because I have to watch it and keep pushing that front wheel back in. Does anyone know what could be causing this?

You can try loosening a gantry corner bracket and moving one column closer to the other one by 5-10mm so that the FarmBot “hugs” the raised bed tighter. It is also possible due to manufacturing tolerances that your gantry corner brackets are not perfect 90 degree angles, which could be causing the slight bow. You might try loosening a corner bracket or a gantry wheel plate and inserting a small shim to adjust the angle a bit. A clipping of an expired plastic gift card may work well.

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