January 29, 2018 Software Update

We updated my.farmbot.io and FarmBot OS today with the following new features and fixes:


  • Fixed bug that limited the ability to disable internationalization. (Thanks Klimbim for the bug report.)
  • Improved recovery from loading errors.

Farm Designer:

  • Change icons for plants selected for deletion to grayscale.
  • Render toolbay slots in the garden map if a slot orientation is selected for the slot on the Tools page.


  • Gray out parameters that are not used unless enabled by a different parameter. For example, encoder options are grayed out if encoders are disabled.
  • Fixed bugs related to device connectivity display.


  • Display a warning if the current hardware settings conflict with Find Home or Move Absolute step inputs. Hover over the warning symbol for additional information.
  • Added Speak channel to sequence Send Message commands. If selected, FarmBot will speak the message over the audio port.


  • Added toolbay slot orientation selection dropdown menu. This and the use current location feature have been moved into a toolbay slot options pop-up menu.

FarmBot OS (v6.1.2):

  • Send an email if FarmBot has been emergency stopped for more than 10 minutes.
  • Improved movement complete response time (Thanks Klimbim for the bug report.)
  • Misc. OS update bug fixes.

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So the restart which I needed to do manually is now implemented in 6.1.2. after updating the FW?

Moreover if I do a restart, the homing is done once, then some seconds of silence and twice and directly after a third time. Then the bot shows up in the webapp. Is that intentional?

Hey @Gabriel any news?

If an update has been applied and the update button is pressed, FarmBot will reboot to the updated version.

When HOME ON BOOT is enabled, FarmBot will start homing when the Arduino connection is established, which may happen multiple times. That behavior will change in a future release.

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