[Job Ad]: Farm management software

Hey everyone, my name is Rob. I’ve been following Farmbot for years, although never took the plunge as my grow beds are 16’x4’ which would be a tad expensive to build the frame around.

I did get permission from the admins though to post something that I know I would have been super interested in a few years back: a fully-remote software job posting in the farming space. I’ve recently received some seed funding (pun intended) to build a farm management software for commercial farmers, and was wondering if anybody would be interested in joining the team as a founding engineer? There are some more job details here along with a link to apply.


Sharing link to job to LINKEDIN with my network.
If there is a physical location for this business, where is it?

Thanks John! There’s no physical office anywhere, although currently all staff are in EST/EDT in the US. Due to time zone challenges we’d be looking for people with significant overlap with that time zone, so North/South America only.

Are there any experience requirements?

At the moment it is a more senior level position, I’m looking for people who have been in industry for 5+ years.

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