July 19, 2021 Software Update: Quiet Mode

Hi all,

Today we have an exciting and long anticipated update:

Quiet mode

Upgrade to the latest version of FarmBot OS to enable QUIET MODE - a new stepper driving mode available to Express v1.0 and Genesis v1.5 kits featuring the Trinamic TMC2130 stepper drivers. With quiet mode enabled, FarmBot movements can be tuned to create almost no noise - perfect for classrooms, laboratories, and homes where a quieter FarmBot is ideal.

Big thanks to our firmware developer @Tim for implementing this much requested improvement!

Other updates

  • Fixed a problem where writing to an analog peripheral did not update device state, leading to incorrectly reported analog peripheral values.
  • Fixed Lua formulas that would crash under specific circumstances.
  • Added a write_pin() Lua helper (documentation here).
  • Increased available Arduino pins from 52 to 69.

@roryaronson I have just installed 14.2.1 and everything works beautifully. The quiet mode is incredible. What a difference it makes!

A big thank you to you and your Team for having worked so hard to release this feature. It is absolutely fantastic.