July 8, 2022 Software Update

Hi all, today we released a new version of the FarmBot web app with…

Telemetry history

There’s a new tab in the connectivity popup to show you 24 hours worth of your FarmBot’s telemetry including Uptime, CPU usage, Disk (microSD card) usage, Memory (RAM) usage, Temperature of the CPU core, system Voltage, and WiFi signal strength. Telemetry data is sent by FarmBot every 5 minutes, with only the most recent 300 records getting stored in the database.

We hope this data will provide you with further insight into your FarmBot’s health and can help in the diagnosis of any issues related to heat, voltage, software, or connectivity. Internally, we have already gained some insights into the hardware by looking at metrics across the fleet of FarmBots, which will inform us in making next generation kits even better.

That’s all for this week folks, enjoy!


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