June 18, 2020 Software Update

Hi all,

Today we released a new version of the FarmBot web app with a few new features and fixes:

Settings anchor links

When providing customer support here in the forum or over email, we are regularly referring users to specific settings that they may want to adjust. Now, mousing over a setting’s label reveals an anchor link :anchor: and clicking that link changes the URL in the web browser to the special link just for that setting. When other people click these special links, the app is loaded right to that setting.

Here is an example link to the STOP AT HOME setting:

Setting Anchor Links

Connectivity popup improvements

Now whenever the connectivity popup is opened, the web browser will refresh all of the “last message seen” connections. This is particularly useful when checking to see if FarmBot has fully come back online after a reboot, without having to refresh the app entirely.

There is now a color indicator for the ping Percent OK network quality heuristic:

Network QOS


  • STOP AT HOME and STOP AT MAX are now enabled by default for new accounts. In listening to customer feedback we found that some users did not realize these settings needed to be enabled in order for FarmBot to not move past the home position or the max position as determined by axis length.
  • Fixed an issue where demo accounts were not loading properly.
  • Fixed an issue where unicode characters were not being properly decoded, resulting in garbled text when a Send Message command was used with characters from some other languages.
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What version of the OS is this update? My Farmbot is currently using 10.1.2, but the wifi is flaky atm.

We didn’t release a new version of FarmBot OS today, so the current, latest one is still v10.1.2.

@dmbgo Are you still having WiFi issues? We fixed some issues server side today that may have been related.

My Wifi has always been a bit dodgy Rick, the router is too far away. To compound the issue my partner had moved the router from where I had it to a more inconspicuous location. I quietly moved it back this morning, and now the wifi signal is good enough (just).
Thanks for being premptive with your explanation though.

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Sorry, my bad. I misread your post. Too early for me.

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Great idea with the anchors!