Just a simple picture

I am slowly starting my first garden. I have about 50 more small plants that are starting in seed trays before they move out to the farm bot. What you see planted here are 2 Kale plants (just stuck in this morning) and a bunch of radishes and beets (started from germinated seeds in the Bot Box itself planted about 3-4 weeks ago.). So far so good.

I am still working out some of the mechanical reliability issues in the X-axis, but it is running pretty well now. I also need to come up with a good scheme for setting up Sequences and Regimens. One thing I would already do differently is I would plant rows of small vegetables along the Y Axis so that it is easier and faster for the FarmBot to water them. One trick I do to target where to plant established plants is I remove the watering head and then move the Farmbot to the plant location, then manually turn on water for 2 seconds to drill a hole with water exactly where the plant is going. FarmBot Sunday 10 May - 1




It looks amazing! I am considering of buying farmbot kit and this is why I am on this forum. Do you think that it works? Did it boost the growth of your plants?

I bought the FarmBot because I do like to grow vegetables. I also wanted to have a learning experience with Robotics and devices like Raspberry Pi computers and Arduino and stepper motors, etc. I wanted a Robot with a real mission. I did not want a toy.

The FarmBot does work. I have not tried seeding with it, and I instead start seeds in seed trays or germinate things like radishes first in paper towels. Luckily, I have not had to do any weeding yet. It takes a while to get FarmBot completely dialed in and working reliably. And I have learned a lot along the way.

As I learn to use it better, I am sure I will be able to boost yield. What it mainly does right now is it allows me to take care of a variety of individual plants that have different watering needs. There is also a kind of zen to watch it wander around the box and drop water on plants one at a time.

My next farming experiment is either Airponics or Aquaponics.